Paratus Rentals MRI CT Medical Chiller Rentals Nationwide

Your #1 source for Emergency & Temporary MRI CT Medical Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL = Paratus Rentals 855-313-7368


Medical Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL , Rental Chiller Installation , Temporary Chiller

Medical Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL , Rental Chiller Installation , Temporary Chiller


TURN-KEY MRI CT Medical Rental Chiller installation available in NJ NY CT PA NYC Long Island Baltimore Philly Boston RI NH VT ME DE MD VA NA GA FL and Wash DC


Whether you need chilled water for a temporary medical imaging trailer or your existing water chiller is not operating correctly, Paratus MRI CT Medical Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL can help you with all your temporary Medical Imaging Rental Chiller needs. Paratus can also package with our rental chillers a full line of heat exchangers, and rental cooling towers plus Full Turn-Key Installation. Rental water cooling equipment can help keep your temperature on target and your profits on plan.

Chilled water is not only used in medical Imaging but is required for the manufacturing of nearly all types of drugs, from simple over-the-counter medicines to advanced antibiotics. Exact climate and temperature controls allow for successful liquid sterilization and the molding process that creates capsule medications.


Paratus Chiller Rentals has a Rental Medical Chiller cooling solution for:


  • MRI
  • CT
  • PET/CT
  • Linear Accelerators


In the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, or Medical industry, temperature is often a critical factor. Maintaining the perfect reaction temperature or establishing reliable diagnostic conditions for medical imaging, Paratus MRI CT Medical Rental Chiller Nationwide has solutions for:


  • MRI Machines
  • CT Scanners
  • Vapor Condensing / Recovery
  • Jacketed Vessels & Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers


Paratus can supply you with Installation of a Temporary MRI CT Medical Chiller System Rental in NJ NY CT PA NYC MD DE VA NC SC GA FL RI MA NH VT ME Wash DC and Long Island. Installation of temperature control rental equipment is performed by Paratus Contracting and we can help you in these situations.


Air Cooled Chiller Rental , 10 Ton Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL , Indoor Chiller Rental

Click here to Expand our 10 Ton Air-Cooled Portable Chiller Specs (INDOOR ONLY)


Temporary MRI CT Medical Chiller Rental equipment can be used for a variety of situations: 855-313-7368


Emergencies – Should your critical cooling system shut down, temporary cooling can get your operations back online quickly.

Planned Equipment Shutdown / Planned Outages / ConversionsTemporary cooling systems provide you with uninterrupted cooling for your machinery or operation during equipment repair, retrofitting, conversion, or new equipment installation.

Added Capacity – Temporary cooling provides you an additional boost for your system’s capacity when your process cooling loads exceed your current system’s capabilities.

Temporary or Short-Term Needs – Temporary process cooling allows your operation additional cooling when your current equipment can’t cope with added load, or your project is temporary and the capital investment in chillers is not feasible. Also, if special orders or seasonable factors force production to increase, but you don’t want to purchase equipment for short-term project.


MRI CT Medical Chiller , Turn-Key Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL

MRI CT Medical Chiller , Turn-Key Chiller Rental


Paratus Rentals is committed to supplying everything you need to operate your Process Chiller Rental system at peak efficiency. It’s not just the name and products that sets us apart – it’s what Paratus Rentals makes possible.

Whether you need cold water for Medical, Laser, MRI, CT, or Pharma, Paratus offers a wide range of Process MRI CT Medical Rentals that will meet your specific needs from rental air-cooled chillers, rental water-cooled chillers, heat exchangers, rental cooling towers, to rental air handlers.


Remember when you choose Paratus Rentals, you are choosing a Full Turn-Key Rental/Contracting company able to Cut, Weld, Install, Modify New and Existing Piping / Flanges. Call us today at 855-313-7368

Paratus Chiller Rentals , Chiller Rental Nationwide NJ NY CT RI MA NH VT ME DE MD VA NC SX GA FL , Paratus Rentals

Paratus Rentals MRI CT Medical Chiller Rental Available In:

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