Using Trade Associations and Expert Consultants in Disaster Planning and Recovery

Found this article today about using Expert Consultants in your DR Planning and Recovery Manufacturers can rely on trade groups and expert consultants in their disaster planning, says Michael Keating in his latest Expert’s Corner. This is Keating’s seventh article in the series on disaster planning and recovery. His series advises manufacturers what to do in disaster preparation and recovery.

I’m not going to go into this article much more than say it’s good read and the author Mike Keating makes good points. People in the same business as you have some of the same concerns and sharing ideas with them is not a bad thing even if they are competitors. Everyone in business knows there are going to be other companies competing for some of the same business, this is not earth shattering! But business people also know in most businesses not one company can have all the business.

At Paratus Rentals we are your Expert Consultants when it comes to Business Interruption and Continuity Planning in the areas of temporary temperature control and power generation. Simply put we know how to prepare you to avoid business Interruptions when it comes to losing electrical power or HVAC both of which will shut your business down!

So when you’re looking for Expert Consultants and “One Day Restorations” look no further than Paratus Rentals 855-313-RENT

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