Generator Rentals

When do you need Paratus diesel Generator Rentals ranging from 36 kW ? 1450 kW?

  • When you suffer a power outage
  • When you need temporary job site power
  • When you have a planned maintenance shut down
  • When inclement weather is approaching
  • When you extra power that is not available from your building service
  • When your equipment has been storm damaged
  • When you are replacing an existing generator

Paratus Rentals has a complete line of world-class generator rentals for prime, standby and distributed power generation energy requirements available at over 24 locations across North America. When you choose Paratus Rentals for your power needs, you can be confident that in addition to our diverse range of quality products you are also getting the ?Best in Class? technical expertise and full-service solutions in the market.

As a temporary electric power solutions leader, Paratus Rentals offers a broad range of products, including a complete line of portable generator rentals for prime, standby and distributed generation, mobile power modules, environmentally compatible fuels and heat recovery solutions to meet temporary or emergency needs.