Paratus Contracting and Steel Fabrication a Full Service Construction Company

Paratus Contracting – Mechanical Construction, Steel Fabrication, Mechanical Contracting to compliment NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chillers, HVAC, and Heaters

Paratus Contracting – Is a division of Paratus Rentals providing NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rental and NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Heater Rentals customers with complete Turn-Key Temporary Cooling or Heating Systems. Paratus Contracting  provides Installation, Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance services for Paratus Rental customers and Direct Customers as well as many other NJ NY CT PA NYC Chiller and Heater rental companies.

Many companies offer NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rental but how many can perform the installation when there are no “emergency connections” available or without hiring sub-contractors?

When you choose Paratus you are choosing a Full Turn-Key Rental/Contracting company. At Paratus Contracting we are able to:

    • Cut, Weld, Install, Modify New and Existing Piping / Flanges
    • Install and Replace Valves and Flanges
    • Perform HOT TAP and Line Stops
    • Installation of On-Line Repairs w/Pressure Seal Enclosures
    • All types of Steel fabrication including temporary rooftop equipment mezzanines and shoring
    • Lifting to 100 tons (in shop)
    • Certified Structural welding
    • Composite Pipe Wrap Services

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When you have an Emergency like a Chiller, HVAC or Heater failure they always seem to happen at the worst of times and you need to get back on-line ASAP…

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Temporary Mechanical Construction – Rental Chiller Installation NJ NY CT PA NYC

Your first call is always to your Mechanical vendor, the people who maintain your equipment. Your first question when they arrive is “Can you fix it and how long will it take?”. At Paratus we know a NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rental is your last resort. Renting a Chiller is the thing you never want to have to do and 99% of the time your building is not ready to accept a Temporary Chiller NJ NY CT PA NYC!!!

Not knowing how to or being told it is difficult to hook up a Temporary Chiller NJ NY CT PA NYC to your building is what stops most customers from renting. Instead of renting customers are talked into making a rash decision to temporary fix the problem. A temporary fix that is hardly ever repaired properly at a later date. You know the old saying “There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always enough time to do it over” and the cost of doing it over we all know is greater than doing it right the first time!


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Paratus Contracting – Temporary Heater Installation NY NJ CT PA NYC


That’s what the Paratus difference is “We do it right the First time” anywhere in NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rental are needed we can install them without hesitation because:

    • Paratus Management has installed NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rentals since 1990!
    • Paratus has installed all brands Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay, etc
    • Paratus is on call 24/7/365 with a “Live Person” answering the phones
    • Paratus is Centrally located with dispatch from Woodbridge, Freehold and S. Plainfield NJ
    • Paratus SteelFab is located in Central NJ right off of Rt 287 with Direct Highway Access
    • Paratus is the Vendor of choice for Major Chiller HVAC manufacture

Paratus Contracting and Steel Fabrication a Full Service Construction Company NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Chiller Rental, NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary Heater Rental, NJ NY CT PA NYC Temporary HVAC Rental

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