Delivering Peace of Mind = Paratus Rentals Disaster Recovery

One Disaster Recovery Business lesson from Super Storm Sandy that resonates with most every Metro NY area businesses was “Even without direct storm damage our business was closed because we still needed power, air conditioning and heat to keep our doors open”. Paratus Rentals provides base infrastructure functions during a your disaster recovery process.

 We Are Your Full Service Infrastructure Disaster Recovery!

Paratus Rentals is your full service Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Company providing rental electrical power, rental air conditioning, rental heating and superior dry-out/dehumidification services.

Traditional Disaster Recovery companies focus on a business’s data, software applications, servers or any of a hundred functions that still rely on the basic infrastructure to operate. At Paratus Rentals we leave things like data and software to the experts in those fields – we focus on what we are experts in – Disaster Recovery Temporary Power & Temperature Control.

 The Need for Disaster Recovery Plan.

Even with the greatest of Disaster Recovery plans many businesses simply cannot pick-up, relocate and continue to operate after a disaster whether it is an act of Mother Nature, a mechanical failure, an accident or worse, a terror attack. Some business such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, Doctors’ offices, car dealers, schools and gas stations simply cannot operate in a “virtual world”. They need to have a disaster recovery plan that allows them to conduct business the old fashion way – at their physical location.

Paratus Rentals provides the base infrastructure to “keep your business OPEN” with:

  • Rental Generators with electrical installation – to provide electrical power
  • Rental Chillers with mechanical installation – to provide building cooling water
  • Rental Air Conditioning with mechanical installation – to provide building cooling
  • Rental Electric Heating with mechanical installation – to provide building heating
  • Rental Flood Dry Out/DH equipment with operators – to dry-out your business

When the unexpected happens, you and your business deserve the Peace of Mind that can only be delivered by Paratus Rentals.

20kW Electric Heater Rentals for Flood Dry OutsElectric Heater Rental Flood Dry Out Trailer


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