80 Ton Rental Chiller to COVID-19 Temporary Hospital in NYC

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Emergency 80 Ton Rental Chiller to Temporary COVID-19 Hospital – Paratus Chiller Rental in NJ, NY, NYC, CT, PA, Long Island, MA, RI, DE, MD and Wash DC

When the Army Corp of Engineers decided to turn the Westchester Community Center into a Temporary COVID-19 Hospital, they were met with an unexpected complication. The building chiller plant was not operational, but the roof top HVAC’s were in good working order and were we able to supply the building during normal operations. Except this community center conversion was not normal; the building was designed to be an open arena, not a maze of Hospital rooms. The engineers assessed that the chiller plant would need to run to keep the Hospital operating during the warmest months.


Trane Rentals along with Paratus Rentals were selected to install an 80 ton Rental Chiller to replace the buildings downed unit. Although a seemingly straight forward 80 ton chiller rental, the location presented a few obstacles, such as the 80 ton rental chiller had to be in the farthest corner across the parking lot away from where the permanent chiller was located. Because this was a Hospital, there could be no above ground chiller hoses in the parking lot that could obstruct Ambulances or deliveries, including much needed O2 trucks. A trench was dug and large PVC pipes were buried under the parking lots for the temporary chiller hoses to run through. The design criteria was critical because it was a Hospital called for NO hose splices or connections to be underground and inaccessible so the crew at Paratus had custom made temporary chiller hoses made accommodate extra-long underground runs of hose. The same was also true for the all home runs power cables which were also put into PVC sleeves and buried in the parking lot. The project was completed on time in fact in record time to turn over to the Hospital Administrators.



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