1500 Ton Chiller Rental to NY City Hospital

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1500 Ton Chiller Rental with Generators to NY City Hospital – Paratus Chiller Rental in NJ, NY, NYC, CT, PA, Long Island, MA, RI, DE, MD and Wash DC

When a large NYC Hospital was hit with caring for COVID-19 patients the engineers released their HVAC system had to change and in a BIG way. They needed an additional 1500 ton chiller rental but why was the existing air conditioning that worked for years now to small? Well, the Hospital could no longer recirculate such a large amount of air, it needed to bring in more outside air if not 100% outside air. When you recirculate building air you run the risk of taking contaminated air from one part of the building and distributing it into another part that was not previously contaminated.


In order to do that the building would have to stop recirculating air and bring in 100% outside air but there is a huge challenge in doing that. The building HVAC systems are designed to recirculate 70 degree return air and to cool it back down to say 65 degrees takes X amount of Air conditioning Tons. Now bring in all outside air and let’s say the outside air temperature in 90 degrees the Air Conditioning has to work so much harder to bring the air down to 65 degrees from 90 degrees and the building air conditioning just doesn’t have that much extra capacity to do that – they needed a 1500 ton chiller rental.


Trane along Paratus Rentals was selected to seamlessly and without 1 minute of HVAC service interruption add the 1,500 tons chiller rental. This seemed like an almost impossible task but like we say at Paratus RentalsWe have a solution no matter how impossible your installation may seem, we can rig it, crane it, shore it, weld it, and pipe it so your temporary rental chilled water system is in service quickly. In what seemed like hours not the days or weeks other companies had suggested, Paratus had 1,500 tons rental chillers connected and flowing into the Hospital chilled water system along with 3,000 kW of portable generator power making 40 degree chilled water!

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