Bushwick NY Rental Chillers

#1 Rental Chillers in Bushwick NY for Air & Water-Cooled Chillers

Are you looking for a temporary chiller rental in Bushwick, NY? Paratus Rentals has you covered! Paratus is pleased to provide needed air-cooled rental chillers and water-cooled rental chillers in Bushwick, NY. Plus, they can also provide all the accessories you need for whichever rental you choose! When Paratus Rentals provide chiller rentals in Bushwick, NY, they're full service rentals. They include engineering, mechanical construction and installation to provide full turn-key installations to make your installation be a breeze, no matter how impossible it may seem!

Rental Chillers in Bushwick NY

Need an Air-Cooled Chiller Rental in Bushwick, NY? Paratus Rentals Can Help! 1-855-313-RENT

Paratus Rentals gladly provide air-cooled rental chillers in Bushwick, NY! Their air-cooled chiller rentals are factory supported and portable, and are perfect to suit your needs. Paratus' air-cooled chiller rentals range from 10 tons to 500 tons, and are available from over 24 locations in North America so you're provided with the exact air-cooled chiller rental in Bushwick, NY you need. In addition, Paratus' air-cooled rental chillers can also be paired with their portable diesel generators, so you have a stand-alone solution!

Bushwick, NY Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals are Available too!

If you're looking for a water-cooled chiller rental in Bushwick, NY, you're in luck, because Paratus Rentals is there to help! In addition to air-cooled chiller rentals, Paratus is also there to provide for your water-cooled rental chiller needs in Bushwick as well! Paratus Rentals water-cooled chiller rentals range from 225 tons to 1,000 tons, and are also available from over 24 locations in North America, so your every need is fulfilled! In fact, to even be sure all of your needs are fulfilled with your water-cooled rental chiller in Bushwick, NY, it can also be combined with Paratus' portable diesel generators, much like the air-cooled rental chillers, to provide a stand-alone solution.

Chiller Rentals - Water & Air-Cooled Rental Chillers available in Bushwick, NY when you need them!

So, when do you need either water-cooled chiller rentals or air-cooled chiller rentals in Bushwick, NY? Well, they're perfect for multiple situations, such as; When your existing chiller has damage beyond a quick repair, when you need extra capacity due to weather, when your equipment has been storm damaged and when you're replacing existing equipment, just to name a few. But no worries! Paratus Rentals has you covered when it comes to rental chillers in Bushwick, NY!

Available Accessories for Bushwick, NY Rental Chillers. 

Paratus Rentals is so focused on providing everything you need, that they even offer accessories for your needed chiller rental in Bushwick, NY! Whether you need an air-cooled chiller rental or a water-cooled chiller rental, Paratus can provide the following accessories;

  • Rental Hoses with both Victaulic and flange style connections
  • Rental Air Handlers from 5,000 CFM to above 35,000 CFM
  • Rental Heat Exchangers that are fully scalable
  • Rental Pumps to be remotely mounted
  • Rental Power Cables to connect to your power source
  • Rental Transformers to match building power

24 Locations Across North America for your Chiller Rental needs in Bushwick, NY

24 Locations Across North America for your Chiller Rental needs in Bushwick, NY! Call Us at 1-855-313-RENT.

No matter which chiller rental in Bushwick, NY you need, be it air-cooled or water-cooled, Paratus can provide it for you through their 24 locations across North America! Paratus Rentals is also there to provide rentals that are full service, and that includes engineering, mechanical construction and installation, to make even the seemingly impossible, possible! When you rent your needed chiller rental in Bushwick, NY from Paratus, you can be confident it's factory supported and maintained, has full factory documentation and updates, that it's factory inspected and tested before each rental and is available from over 24 locations in North America. Call Paratus Rentals today to get started on getting your air-cooled or water-cooled chiller in Bushwick, NY today!

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