Flood Water Damage Restoration FL

Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention 


If your FL home or business was recently flooded in FL it’s important to Dry it out quickly and Prevent Mold from growing! Floods can cause more than sudden visible damage, they can also lead to more serious damage and health risks down the road if not treated properly; mold will grow!

That’s why you contact  One Day Restoration by Paratus for their Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention!

Even if your home or business received flood damage a few weeks ago, One Day Restoration can still help. Wood will appear dry in a couple weeks after surface water has evaporated away. Be assured IT IS NOT DRY deep inside the wood and MOLD Can Still GROW. With our Proprietary Drying Equipment  will can reach deep inside the wood structure and exact the moisture that is still inside and will Cause MOLD to Grow.

The Importance of Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention:

Wondering why it’s extremely critical to take action now if your business or home was recently flooded? The reason is because mold can begin to grow after a matter of a few days, and then it becomes a much bigger problem. The second the water is drained out is when you need to contact One Day Restoration for Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention to be on the safe side. If you’re wondering, “Why One Day Restoration?” then there’s good reasoning for that.

How One Day Restoration Can Help Prevent Mold Growth.

One Day Restoration is the BEST company to prevent mold, because they’re able to dry out flood damaged structures, in most cases, in just 8 hours! Meanwhile, other companies that use traditional de-humidification equipment take weeks to complete Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention, by then mold can already begin to grow! One Day Restoration will bring in their proprietary electric heaters to begin the Heat and Treat method, and soon before long flood water damaged structures will be dried out to within Insurance Industry Standards. They’re definitely the company you want to call for Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention.

Benefits that come with One Day Restoration Heat and Treat Method for Mold Prevention in FL

So, if in your case it’s too late for mold prevention, One Day Restoration can also help when it comes to mold treatment services in FL! However, if you’re on the end where there’s still time, One Day Restoration‘ Heat and Treat One Day Mold Prevention services come with a few key benefits:

  • Go from demolition to construction in 24 hours
  • Takes Away Moisture so mold can’t grow
  • Wood and organic materials dry deeper and completely through
  • One Day Restoration Electric Heaters have no open flames, and that means no chance of fire
  • Microprocessors ensure there is no structural damage due to excessive heat
  • And More!

When it comes to Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention One Day Restoration is who you want to call for the job. Whether your home or business was flooded, there is no job too big or too small for them! Or, if your business or home has suffered flooding more than a few weeks ago and mold is now present, One Day Restoration can help you when it comes to Flood Water Damage Restoration FL and Mold Prevention! Take the action to prevent and call One Day Restoration for their One Day Water Damage Restoration & Mold Prevention services, or take action to defeat the problem before it gets any worse.

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