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“Go from WET to DRY in 24 Hours!”

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ONE Day Restoration” Flood Water Damage Restoration FL, Water Dry Out & Mold Prevention services worked around the clock partnering with the Insurance Industry to mitigate their water damage cleanup losses by stopping mold growth with flood cleanup and flood water dry outs.

?ONE Day Restoration? Flood Water Damage Restoration FL, Dry Out & Mold Prevention using “Heat & Treat” with our proprietary electric heaters and were able to structurally dry out from flood water damaged  structures to within Insurance Industry standards within 8 hours (in most cases), which eliminated the mold?s food source ? water. No other company has the same type of heaters as the Original and Only ?ONE Day Restoration? we INVENTED our DRY OUT HEATERS and our STRUCTURAL DRYING PROCESS. Other companies using traditional style de-humidification equipment were taking weeks to complete water damage cleanup that met the same Insurance Industry Standards because refrigerant de-humidification DOES NOT WORK BELOW 45 DEG F. Once the flood water soaked  wood is dry then it can be treated with fungicides and additionally encapsulated to prevent future mold growth in a re-wetted situation.

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When Super Storm Sandy struck the New Jersey Coastline in Oct of 2012 it created an unprecedented amount of flood water damage. Many of the homes along the Jersey Shoreline were destroyed and those that were left standing had severe flood water damage, were in need of water cleanup and were without electricity for months. Despite efforts of many home owners to have sheet rock, wall boards, flooring and electrical wiring ripped out it still could not prevent the growth of mold. The sea water saturated wood that remained and seasonable temperatures made the perfect environment for mold to grow. To prevent mold growth the water damage cleanup and moisture had to be removed during those critical first few days!

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