Who Remembers the 2010 Nashville Flood and Trying to Dry Out from that?

Found a story about that and even though everything seems to focus on putting data back-ups in a cloud and can’t help but remember the problems people had with dry outs.

In case you don’t remember this should refresh your memory: JJ Rosen: Cheap mobile technology is vital in disaster recovery

In May 2010, after 36 hours of continuous rain, Nashville was in serious trouble. The “Flood of 2010,” as it came to be known, created a disaster that affected almost everyone in the city.

From a business perspective, the economic impact of the flood turned out to be one of the most significant events in Nashville’s history. According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, within a three-day period, 2,773 businesses — both large and small — were affected by the rising waters.

May 2010 in Nashville was an interesting and challenging month for the city’s CIO’s and IT professionals. For the first time for many of them, “disaster recovery plans” became more than just theoretical. The flood was a real-life disaster that allowed us to see what worked and what did not work in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Like many of Nashville’s IT professionals, we were scrambling, jumping in to help clients who had water in their offices. The businesses that generally fared well were the larger companies that had the luxury of being able to afford redundant IT systems, with formal and detailed business continuity plans that were drilled and tested. The toughest challenges were faced by our clients who were medium-size or smaller businesses, which simply could not afford the consulting, planning, hardware, data center and software expenses needed for a great disaster recovery plan. Companies without these “luxuries” suffered dire consequences in the flood.

Although it was only 3½ years ago, the tech world has changed significantly. So what would be different if Nashville were flooded again today?

I chuckle to myself because YES the tech world has changed so much, they can do many more things with virtual storage and retrieval than only 3 years ago!


Electricity is still Electricity, you still need Air Conditioning to keep electronic equipment cool and you still need to dry out from the flood waters – even though so much has changed the basics are still the same.

Watch this video:

Paratus Rentals has changed the game tested in real life post Hurricane Sandy our dry out heating system did what others could not. By others I mean the Serv Pros, Service Masters and other BIG name restoration companies which was dry out a building in 1 day. I know it seems impossible but using our heaters and a process we developed around them what was taking companies a week and in some cases 3 weeks to dry – we could do in 1 day!!!

Sounds impossible but we have the data to prove it and the insurance company checks paying for it! We all know the insurance industry looks for a standard of dryness we were able to achieve that in most cases within 8 hours only very large or complex situations took longer but none exceeded 24 hours.

Next time you have a flood in NJ, NY, CT, Philly or IA call Paratus Rentals at 855-313-RENT to dispatch our crews and equipment to your site and have you dried out and mold free in less than 24 hours – that’s our promise!

Flood Restoration Dry-Out Services throughout the United StatesDry Out SystemFlood Restoration Dry-Out Services throughout the United States

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