Old Pipe Breaks Shuts High School School Down For Days – Not if they had One Day Restoration!

The above headline is from Boise ID http://www.boiseweekly.com/CityDesk/archives/2013/12/31/moscow-high-school-flooded-cleanup-crews-hope-to-reopen-next-week but it could just as well been from anywhere in the US especially with weather we are having right now!

If you’re in the NY / NJ / CT area yu know what I mean, we’ve had massive snow storm followed by record cold and now it’s warm and raining and tomorrow it will be subzero wind chills again – this is nuts!

But it is exactly the kind of weather that raises havoc on your homes pumping, roof and especially drainage around the house. When the ground is frozen and snow-covered then we have a quick thawing rain the water builds up and has nowhere to go BUT in your house! Pipes that pass along outside walls maybe not insulated as good as then could have been freeze in the subzero weather we’ve had and then BAM! 45 degrees outside in less than 24 hours – pipe break and where does the water go? In your house!!!!

So, remember if you had a flood even a minor flood if the wood, carpets, walls stay wet and above 60 degrees for more than 36 hours mold is starting to grow!!!

What people don’t realize is you can’t see the mold at first, mold is a living thing and like all living things has waste product. Mold waste is the black and green you see on your walls, when you it, it’s too late!!!

So Paratus is the only “One day Restoration” company in NJ / NY / CT and what does that mean exactly? The minute you have water you call us, we’ll come out pump out the water and dry your home and if need be we’ll remove damaged sheet rock, carpets, etc and then dry out the space and treat so mold does not grow completing all that within ONE DAY! The next day your home is dry and preped so reconstruction can take place. Our team of company employees is also available to complete your reconstruction as well – so remember if you have water Paratus can put you back together in One Day!


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