Electric Heater Rentals

When do you need Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC?

Paratus Rentals has a fleet of Fume Free, Dry Heat Electric Heater Rental units in 20 kW, 50 kW, 75 kW and 150 kW sizes in addition to Natural Gas Temporary Heaters and are available to service many industries and not just in times of emergencies. Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC are used when there is an unexpected drop in temperature, when permanent heating equipment deliveries are behind schedule and go into the heating season, when heat is needed to cure certain polymer coatings, when existing heating systems experience a failure or in temporary structures like Construction Sites, New Construction, Tents or Holiday Bazaars in such industries as:

  • Health Care / Hospitals / Nursing / Extended Care
  • Warehousing / Seasonal Heating
  • Housing Authorities / Replace Broken Hot Air Systems
  • Construction / Job Sites / Coating Curing
  • Office Space / New Construction / Temporary
  • Event / Entertainment / Tent
  • Manufacturing / Dry Process / Pest Control
  • Education / Schools / Gymnasiums / Universities
  • Aerospace / High Technology Manufacturing


Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC Mechanical Installations By Paratus Contractors

20kW 50kW 75kW 150kW Temporary Industrial Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC

Temporary Heater Rentals NJ NY CT NYC with FULL Turn Key Installation

There is NO other company in the NJ NY CT PA NYC Heater Rental business like Paratus Rentals. When you choose Paratus for your Temporary Heater Rental needs, you are getting not one but 3 companies to service your needs:

  1. Paratus Rentals – to supply your Temporary Heating equipment
  2. Paratus Contractors – for Full Turn Key Installation of any Temporary Heating Systems NJ NY CT PA NYC
  3. Paratus SteelFab – for structural steel fabrication of any type to assist in difficult or unusual installations

You can be confident that in addition to our diverse range of quality Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC products you are also getting the ?Best in Class? technical expertise and full-service solutions in the market.

As a Temporary Heating Solutions leader, Paratus has the Mechanical experience, capabilities, fabrication facilities and installation crews make us your perfect partners for Turn-Key Installation of Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC.

Paratus Rentals is committed to supplying everything you need to operate your Temporary Heating System NJ NY CT PA NYC at peak efficiency.

Paratus Temporary Heater Rental NJ NY CT PA NYC are offered with a wide variety of ancillary equipment to provide a comprehensive dry heating solution:

  • Rental Generators 36 kW ? 1450 kW
  • Rental transformers
  • Rental electrical cable
  • Rental distribution panels
  • Rental duct work
  • Rental cable ramps
  • Mechanical & Electrical Installations
  • Turnkey Projects

It?s not just the name and products that sets Paratus Rental Services apart ? it?s what Paratus Rentals makes possible.

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